Steampunk Fashion

5 09 2012


Now most of you would probably agree that Steampunk fashion has a large element of “freedom of expression” to it and therefore people don’t appreciate if they are told what to wear and what not. Nevertheless for people that are completely new to Steampunk it seems that some guidance is appreciated ( or so we are told )

While reading up on the subject in the many, many books that are available on the subject we found that in the Steampunk world there are four major style distinctions that have been named ( that we know of )


1. Victorian Gentlemen or Lady ( The Aesthete )

In this category you will find the fancy Victorian dresses, the top hats and bowlers. The walking canes and umbrellas. All very distinguished.

2. The Adventurer / Explorer

In this category people are prepared for the deserts, the mountains and anything else they might encounter on their journeys. Here you will see the flight caps, the Pith helmets, the Goggles, the Khaki’s

3. The punk / dirty look

This outfit is usually inexpensive, is closest to “punk” and has a dirty look to it. It is all about safety pins and old leather. People get items from thrift stores and are very creative in modifying their look. There is no “his” or “her” look. There is a lot of wear and tear and the outfit let’s you move freely and do whatever you want without paying attention to your clothing.

4. The tinkerer

The tinkerer is all about practicality. We are talking goggles ( welding ) , sleeve bands, leather aprons.

But even with these guidelines it’s all about being yourself and making your outfit work for you. There are no wrong colors ( yes, you don’t have to wear brown )

Just start by choosing what fits best with what you feel and take it from there. Add and take away, renew and change. At some point you will feel whether things suit you or not.


So in what category are you ? Fill out the poll ๐Ÿ™‚




2 responses

7 09 2012
Kedar Joyner

I’m in love with the the adventurer/explorer gear!

7 09 2012
Steampunk Store Europe

Well, we sell that stuff Kedar ๐Ÿ™‚

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