Steampunk Fashion

5 09 2012


Now most of you would probably agree that Steampunk fashion has a large element of “freedom of expression” to it and therefore people don’t appreciate if they are told what to wear and what not. Nevertheless for people that are completely new to Steampunk it seems that some guidance is appreciated ( or so we are told )

While reading up on the subject in the many, many books that are available on the subject we found that in the Steampunk world there are four major style distinctions that have been named ( that we know of )


1. Victorian Gentlemen or Lady ( The Aesthete )

In this category you will find the fancy Victorian dresses, the top hats and bowlers. The walking canes and umbrellas. All very distinguished.

2. The Adventurer / Explorer

In this category people are prepared for the deserts, the mountains and anything else they might encounter on their journeys. Here you will see the flight caps, the Pith helmets, the Goggles, the Khaki’s

3. The punk / dirty look

This outfit is usually inexpensive, is closest to “punk” and has a dirty look to it. It is all about safety pins and old leather. People get items from thrift stores and are very creative in modifying their look. There is no “his” or “her” look. There is a lot of wear and tear and the outfit let’s you move freely and do whatever you want without paying attention to your clothing.

4. The tinkerer

The tinkerer is all about practicality. We are talking goggles ( welding ) , sleeve bands, leather aprons.

But even with these guidelines it’s all about being yourself and making your outfit work for you. There are no wrong colors ( yes, you don’t have to wear brown )

Just start by choosing what fits best with what you feel and take it from there. Add and take away, renew and change. At some point you will feel whether things suit you or not.


So in what category are you ? Fill out the poll đŸ™‚


Dracula, Steampunk or Goth ?

4 09 2012

Now this is a tough one and I really need your input to settle this……
Dracula, Steampunk or Goth ?

Now let us go back to the source,
We are talking 1897 ( wow, Victorian era, Steampunk ? ) and by the hands of the Irish writer Bram Stoker the horror novel Dracula is written.

It’s main character is Count Dracula, a vampire living in Transylvania ( Romania ) who is looking to relocate to England ( again 1897, England ? )

This count Dracula being a vampire lives during the night and sleeps during the day.
He dresses in black and red a lot and lives in a run down castle ( Goth, Goth and Steampunk ? )

The original account of Dracula in Bram Stoker’s novel deals with Victorian era, colonial times and post colonial times. Here again you could both argue for Steampunk and Goth.

Now this novel has been written, re-written, filmed and re-filmed many, many times and until today it still captures the mind of many..

So in all fairness, I would say 50% / 50%

What do you think ?


31 08 2012

Every year on October 31st it’s Halloween. But what is Halloween anyway ?

Halloween is popular in Ireland, Great Britain, the USA and Canada and it’s name comes from Hallow-e’en which means All Hallows Eve.

According to the Celtic calendar the new year started on November 1st so October 31st was New Year’s Eve and a time to relax and celebrate the harvest.


The Celtic new year is called Samhain ( November ) and that’s the name for November in Ireland today. It was pretty much a harvest fest.

Now October 31st was special for another reason according to Celtic belief. On that day the ghosts of the deceased came back and tried to claim a living body for the upcoming year.

Now people would leave food outside on their doorstep for the visiting ghosts. This explains the practice of children going door to door asking for candy ( trick or treat )

At the same time people would wear masks to scare off the evil spirits.

Now Halloween became popular in the USA and Canada in the second half of the 19 century when large numbers of people moved from Great Britain and Ireland to the USA. The period between 1837 and 1901 is of course important for the Steampunk world as this is the period of reign for Queen Victoria.

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Steampunk Lingo

31 08 2012

We thought it would be cool to surf the net in search of typical Steampunk lingo.

Well, find the results below and let us know what we have missed !
( thank you to all contributors especially our friends at )

“You need steam to move !” : Don’t be lazy and help me

“Wait for the boiler to be pressurized” : Be patient

“Lightning struck”: Being killed with energetic weapon.

“Love struck”: Used sarcastically. Same than precedent, but for passionate crime.

“Duck”: A automaton (in reference to Vaucanson)

“Bolted and Volted”: Reanimated from the dead.

“Well that just blows the boiler, doesn’t it?” : An exclamation of disgust.

“Mind your gages” : Don’t get overheated, keep calm.

“The stack is smoking, but the gears don’t turn…”  :To refer to one lacking in mental capacity.

“The spring is wound, but the hands aren’t moving” :To refer to one lacking in mental capacity.

“He blew a gasket” : He lost his cool, he’s mad

“Wait ’till the tripods’s out of the crater.” If you think it’s bad now, just wait; it will get worse.

“Got the engine by the Gearbox”  :everything is under control

“Cog Glitter” : non-functional gears just thrown on something for decorative purposes

“Coglings” : Little Steampunk children

“Sprockets” : Little Steampunk children

Goggles, goggles, goggles…..

31 08 2012

Whether you are an Aeronaut, a Scientist, an Air Pirate or an adventurist, you can’t leave your airship, laboratory or basecamp without your goggles.

Goggles protect your eyes against sandstorms, snow blindness, chemicals and other hazardous rays.

They have been around since the eskimos started to carve them out of caribu antler te reduce ultraviolet rays in their eyes.

We have a range of goggles in our shop from “off the shelf”, ready for you to wear or customize to your liking or crafted / upcycled by one of the many talented artists we buy from.

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The British Pith helmet, our personal favorite !

30 08 2012

The British  pith helmet is our all time favorite. Some people call it a safari helmet or a topee. The British pith helmet is a helmet covered with cloth made from an Indian swamp plant called the sola.

It’s design helps the wearer keep his or her head and face out of the sun and the pith helmet is typically worn by Europeans in the tropics.

They have been around in some shape or form since the 1840’s but they became really popular in the 1870’s

There are different types ( French, African, British ) but this one became popular in India, worn by British military troops.

It you are serious about your adventures in the tropics you can’t leave without it !

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Make or Buy ?

30 08 2012

Steampunk is all about making stuff yourself ! ( Or isn’t it ? )

Now that is a comment we hear a lot in our shop. If you don’t create your outfit from scratch, you’re not the “real deal”

Now we don’t know a lot of folks that create everything from scratch. It is usually more the creative process of “designing” a character and looking for all the right attributes to make that character come alive.

Whether these are made or bought, it’s the creative process that matters.

Not everybody has the same amount of time, money and creative genius to start from scratch.

Now we ate Steampunk Store Europe believe in both.

That is why we have “off the shelf” products as well as products made by very creative people. And if you want to start crafting yourself
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